The Studio


Dan Sievers is a Dayton, Ohio-based musician/producer/engineer. Growing up, he knew from an early age that making music was it. With formal training on guitar and saxophone, he began playing with other area musicians. Dan's father owned and operated a recording studio, The Main Sound, for many years, something Dan considers to be one of the biggest factors in his musical upbringing. Here he had access to professional analog equipment and was able to witness the early stages of digital audio recording being integrated into the studio. Dan developed a love for the ins and outs of the music production world, and found that he not only had a keen interest in playing and writing music, but also in recording it. From there, Dan began picking up a range of instruments from drums, to bass, to mandolin and banjo. Over the years he has composed, recorded, and produced for various projects with genres spanning from folk to hip hop. Wanting a way to properly manage and release the music he was creating, Dan started his own recording business, MEGA FAUNA RECORDS.